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Vivian Kahn


What's the source for your information about Alexander Rosenbluth? There is no place in Hungary called Varasorusa but there are places called Varaszo,and Varassur (pronounced Varashur). Varaszo is in Heves megye in presentday Hungary. Var1szlo is in Somogy megye,also still in Hungary.
in Slovakia. There's also a Variasu Mare in Romania.

Since your ROSENBLUTH family is >from Humenne, seems most likely that Sandor was born in a nearby place in Zemplen megye. There is a district pronounced Varanoyarash near Homonnai jaras (Homonayarash) the one in which Humenne, Slovakia, formerly Homonna,
was located. Another possibility might be Varanno Hosszamezo. If Sandor came over in 1909 the place name in the manifest would have probably been Hungarian (e.g. Homonna or Varanno) not Slovak (Humenne and Vranov).

If you can identify the specific passenger manifest (ship and date) it would be easier for us to help you decipher the location. I was unable to find any Alexander or Sandor Rosenbluth who arrived at Ellis Island in 1909.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

Subject: Varasorusa, Hungary??
From: "Mima" <>
Date: Wed, 04 Jan 2006 20:09:09 GMT
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Does anyone know which town this might be referring to? It was listed
as residence in 1909 on passenger list for Alexander Rosenbluth. I've
checked the JewishGen archives and also ShtetlSeeker and found no
Thanks for your help.

Elizabeth S. Lourie
Washington, DC
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