records for Kozma ut cemetery, Budapest #hungary


In a H-Sig digest Jan 14, 2006 dated
Leslie Eloed writes:
" the Sip utca computerized records are not in agreement with the original
registers of the deceised in Kozma ut cemetery."

How does one access either set of records? The people at Sip Ut. have been
notoriously uncooperative with visitors seeking to get information on family. I
base this on my own and other's shared experiences.

Linda Rakoff
Newton, MAssachusetts, USA
ASCHNER- Assakurte, Berko, Bratislava, Brezova, Budapest , Hradiste, Katlo,
Kosice, Malacky, Nyitra, Spisska Nova Ves, Wien, Berlin, Beuthen/Bytom,
Breslau/Wroclaw,Brunovce, Danzig, Chorzow [Konigshutte], Kattowitz ,
LIFSITZ-Galati; GELLMAN-Kosice, GOLDMAN(N), LANGER -Kosice, Bolyar; Miskolc, Plavincza,
Presov; LOW'Y-Brezova, Hradiste, Spisska Nova Ves MELTZER, PERLBINDER,
LADENHEIM-- Horodenka, Galicia, POLASCEK-Kosice, RAKOFF-Keilce,Russia, RIESENBERG-
Bolygen, Horodenka, Kasperowicz, Zaleschicki, GORDON-Moletai, WATMAN,
MILLER-Lithuania, Ponemunka

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