New info on Hoffer/Koesis/Dobronski, further help needed in finding #hungary

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Hello all,
Still seeking info on ancestors/descendants of my Great =
GGF -John Hoffer (b. 1875) Switzerland/Austria=20
Death approx 1930, >from collapsed lung while working in a Sugar House.=20
{His father; my GGGF- Joseph Hoffer (b.???) Married to ?????}
GGM - Elizabeth Koesis/Erzsebet Kocsis (b.1888) Budapest, Hungary. Her =
parents were Hungarian Magyars. She married John Hoffer at 16 years old. =

She died approx 1972 of a stomach tumor.
Elizabeth and John were both still Aliens in 1920 living in New York.
Children of John and Elizabeth:=20
John (b 1915), Joseph,(b?) Mike (b 1916)
Andrew (twin b 1918), Anna (twin b 1918)
Mary (b 1910), Susan (b 1912) and my grandmother:
Irene,(b approx 1921).=20
Also born were several children that died at young ages, one was Steven. =

Cousins are: Dobronski/Dumbroskie and it is possible that one may be still living in NY.

Needless to say, I know both of my great grandparents were Hungarian Jews >from Budapest and Austria/Switzerland, "exactly where" in those =
regions is unknown. I am still trying to piece together information on them and their parents through Ellis Island passenger/arrival lists and =
ship records (where some writing can be very hard to decipher). Family lore claims that the Hoffer ancestors escaped the Nazi regime and =
concentration camps. I have been told that the family converted to Catholicism because the "schools" were better during that time. However, =
it is an understandable question of why my ancestors chose to switch to Catholicism. My innate interest is in the celebration and the tradition =
of the Jewish faith. I have always been Proud of my Jewish heritage especially since being aware that it is only the girls who can pass the =
religion onto their children and so on.

I obtained very useful information >from my cousin Dennis (Susan's son) who was about 8 or 9 when my GGM Elizabeth died. He had previously done =
some research and was able to provide me with crucial dates and names of my Hoffer Aunt's and Uncle's descendants, including birthdates, =
marriages, and children that were born! What a difference a date can make in this sort of research, and of course the compilation and cross =
referencing can be mind boggling and there is much work to be done. I will be adding the pertinent info to my family tree when time allows.

I have not been able to go any further in my Hoffer research of my GGF's parents. I understand that many first given names were carried =
down >from generation to generation. Does that include female names? If so, I found alot on and Ellis Island websites for =
possible relatives of my GGM Elizabeth/Erzsebet Koesis. Can anyone assist me in making connection between them?
Elizabeth/Erzsebet Koesis, (b 1851) (GGGM?) >from Bistl Kis Falva =
Hungary, Arriving at Ellis Island Sept. 1921, visiting son George.
Andras Koesis (b 1880)
Anna Koesis (b. 1866) and Erzebet Koesis (b 1868) both Arrived July 21, =
Janos and Anna (married or siblings???) July, 1902 age 43

It has been difficult in pinpointing what area of Budapest they(Hoffer/Koesis) may have lived in before coming to America so I am =
at a standstill. Can anyone assist me in finding Birth/Marriage Records, locations, or Hungarian Census Information?=20

I also need help finding a member who has posted a response on Jan 15, 2006 to my original posting . I received a message board notification =
that a reply was posted by the author: William, with a Subject line: Reply Urgent. This is exciting, yet I am dismayed for I'm having =
difficulty pulling up what he wrote to my original post, therefore I am unable to respond to him.

Any assistance or information on any of the above would be greatly =

Thank you. Michele Talerico Renaud, NY, USA

Moderator: The link to a well-known commercial genealogical service has been deleted. As we have mentioned before, it makes it much easier for others to help your research if you indicate what sources you have already consulted starting with the resources that are available on-line at JewishGen including the JewishGen Family Finder and the All-Hungary Database. You can find additional data at the Hungarian SIG website

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