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The Auschwitz Museum published the death books in 3 volumes, as you can see a
short information on the HomePage of the Auschwitz Museum under

“Death books >from Auschwitz
Vol.I. Reports; Vol.II Index of Names A – L; Vol.III Index of Names M - Z

This documentation is based on the original records kept by the SS
authorities of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and death camps. They
contain entries for the death dates of Auschwitz prisoners in the period
from July 27, 1941 to December 31, 1943. Most of these names of prisoners
who died in Auschwitz, documentated by the SS administration, have not been
published anywhere before and remain a historical source of unique

In this period, the majority of the victims were not Jewish, the Death book
of Auschwitz as well as other documentations of Auschwitz speak of
a “Polish” period >from 1940 to mid-1942, when the majority of deportees and
victims were Poles
a “Jewish” period mid-1942 to 1945, when Jews represented the majority of
the deportees and victims.

The tattooed numbers were for all prisoners identical untill 13. Mai 1944,
72 Jewish men >from the camp Blechhammer got the numbers A-1 to A-72, on 16.
Mai 14 Jewish women >from Sosnowitz got the numbers A-1 to A-14. The first
numbers of the Jewish B-Serie for men were distributed to a transport from
Bionki (district Radom) on 31. Juli 1944. The highest A-Serie number for
Jewish men is A-20000 >from B-Serie B-14897 and for Jewish women existed only
A-Serie and the highest number was A-29354. On a gravestone >from the time of
the death marches is between others a B number recorded which is higher than
the mentioned it is B-15717 and the grave is in Ksiazenice. Was the number
unreadable, or an A lokked like a B, I don’t know.

Best regards
Gabor Hirsch

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The Auschwitz records mentioned by Jacob only contain names of inmates
up to and including 1943. Since the deportations >from Hungary started in
1944 it is very unlikely for members of the H-SIG looking for their
Hungarian relatives to find any relevant information in there. I tried
looking for my relatives in that database and failed.

Isaac Katz

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Dear Genners and Siggers,
As you probably know the Auschwitz Museum website has
an alphabetical list of 69,000 victims who were
executed there,including non Jews.I just discovered
that Yad vaShem has posted the same list on the PoT
section but with additional data:
the names of the victim's parents.

Jacob Rosen

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