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I read your posting with interest as I also have some Kirsch's in my
tree >from the Bronx. The two first names (Annie and Rose) are even
matches. Unfortunatly I have no information newer than the 1930 census.

Solomon Kirsch b Abt March 1863 - Russia?
married about 1887 -
Lena Przeworski b Abt 1868 - Austria/Hungary/Galicia? -

They had :
Joe Kirsch - b Abt 1888
Rose Kirsch - b Abt 1892
Annie Kirsch - b Abt 1907

Also possibly a Muriel - but that may have been the same person as Annie
as I haven't found her on any of the census

Rose was a Bookkeeper - per 1910 and 1930 census'
Solomon and Joe worked in a Grocery per 1910 census'
Annie was a Stenographer in 1930

Anyway, here's hoping there is a connection of some sort.

John Segedy

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This info is very helpful. I know my father was born in Hungary and I have documentation about the cities involved. I have no info on my mom's side because she was born in East Bronx and had no interest in her "old world" family. All she knew is she rebelled against being kosher. She was completely "American". My father never provided for us. It's so strange that it turns out this way. He died young >from peritonitis and was literally told to leave the house when I was 6 YO. I remember it all as if it were yesterday.
His father was a Rabbi in Cleveland.

I've moved to another state since I started in the whole JewGen list and so I've saved lots of JewGen emails but haven't read them yet. However, I did manage to participate in the National Geographic genome project, successfully during the entire relocation process. That was a miracle all by itself.

I found out that I've got strong Hungarian Jewish roots. However, it all is supposed to come >from my mother's side of the family, the DNA trail. So finding out that there was a strong Hungarian community in NYC, it may be that I am completely Hungarian stocked:) I just sort of thought my maternal grandparents were >from "Russia". There's no way to know because the family never kept together after the oldest daughter died (my Aunt Annie May Kirsch). . Mom just said she was born in East Bronx. She moved to D.C. when she was 14 YO.

So here goes, names on my mom's side. Frank and Mary May in Bronx and D.C,. Isadore May in D.C,. Abraham May in NYC.,
Annie May Kirsch in D.C,. Lavitt in NYC (clothing manufacture), Rose May in D.C., Frank May was one of the original members of the SouthEast Hebrew Congregation in D.C. and owned a Variety store on 7th & Pennsylvania Ave, S.E. D.C. I don't know anything about my maternal grandmom "Mary" because in those days she simply was the homemaker as far as my mom was concerned. Seems my grandfather ruled the roost and so did Annie May (mom's sister). I've another D.C. uncle but can't remember his name. I do remember his daughter, my cousin, Barbara May who of course has been married with another name and the last I heard she was in Annapolis MD. Many many years ago. My brother is not interested in any of this so no help there.
It would be amazing to find out that I'm Hungarian through my mom too..

Ethel Jean (Kowan) Saltz Greenbelt MD
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