Davidovka, Ukraine 1943: Soviet Field Hospital and/or Nazi Forced-Labor Camp? #hungary


I am trying to trace the fate of my grandfather Antal LINHARDT who
disappeared >from the #401 Penal Labor-Service Brigade on January 12, 1943 at the
Russian Front after the Voronezh Offensive. According to an eyewitness, my
grandfather was taken to a field hospital at the Front (although it is unclear
whether this was a Nazi or Soviet hospital)

According to the book Fekete konyu by Eugene Levai, Hungarians in exile in
Moscow (Mihaly Farkas, Erno Gero, Bela Illes, and Zoltan Vas) arranged for
POWs taken by the Soviets to be cared for at the Davidovka Hospital in the

There are several places in the Ukraine called Davidovka, but I believe this
to be at long. 51' 10", lat. 39' 26"

I noticed that Hungarian Olympic fencing athlete, Attila Petschauer, whose
death was depicted in the movie Sunshine, died in Nazi labor camp at
Davidovka, Ukraine.

I am wondering if this is the same Davidovka and if the Soviet's took over
the Nazi labor camp and converted it to a field hospital and/or POW camp.

Does anyone have any information or suggestions on the Davidovka Hospital or
Labor Camp?

Paul Linhardt
Pacific Grove, CA

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