Slovak Records #hungary

peter bakos <pgbakos@...>

As I recall, the Regional Archives (for heaven sake NOT the city Archives
they are worlds diferent) located in Kassa/Kosice have the registers of Nagy
Ida. I beleive I extracted a Rosenberg family >from there. They should also
have the 1857 Census which is vitally useful as it gives all members of the
household, their year of birth and place of birth.

There is a web site (a little help here fellow SIGgers) which provides
guidance on communicating with the Regional Archives directly. The helpful
lady there does not speak English so if you can send your request in Slovak
it will be helpful.

Where to get a Slovak translator, well that I have no idea.

Peter Bakos
Sarasota, Florida (at present)

Searching ROSENBERG/RACZ/RONAI/RONA >from Abauj Szina/Sena, Kassa/Kosice
MOSKOVITS/MOSKOVICS, HERSKOVITS, all >from the same area.

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