Obtaining Slovak Records #hungary

Vivian Kahn

Bob's advice is not quite correct. I have obtained a number of records >from the Slovak archives and have never submitted payment with my application or sent copies of my passport or driver's license. The instructions provided at the Slovak Embassy website is consistent with my experience.

You can submit an application requesting a specific individual vital record (birth, marriage, or death) or request a "running account". Both application forms can be downloaded >from the Slovak Embassy website at http://www.slovakembassy-us.org/application%20for.html. =20
The info at the Embassy website directs researchers to submit applications to the State Archives in Bratislava at the addresses listed in completion of research you will receive a notice directly >from an archive to collect the payment, and upon receipt of the payment the=20
report will be sent by the archive directly to you.

In most cases I have received a response within 3 or 4 months indicating that no records are available or that a record has been=20
found and will be sent when payment is received. The Embassy will not accept personal checks--only money orders or cashier's checks. Documents are sent out within days after you submit payment. Be advised that all communications are in Slovak.

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

GRUNVALD/Bratislava, Michalovce, Humenne, Slov.
KOHN/Ung megye, Hung.
MOSKOVITS/MOSKOWITZ/MOSS, Ostrov (Kisozstro), Sobrance, Bunkocz, Kosice=20=

(Kassa),Ungvar, Michalovce, Presov, NYC, Cleveland
NEUMANN/Sobrance, Michalovce, Kosice (Kassa), Sabinov
(Kis-Szeben), Vranov (Varanno), Kriszti (Kereszt), Slov.

At the website of the Slovak Embassy (to the US) there are =
for birth, marriage, and death certificates. These can be sent with
payment and a photocopy of your driver's licence or passport, to the
Embassy or one of the Consulates, depending on where in the US you =
(instructions are on the forms). These forms require that you know=20=
date and location of the birth/death/marriage. Otherwise, there is a
form for genealogical research, which is a different process (form =
to the archives, who bill you before sending results).

Links to all these forms are at:


The forms are in English and Slovak. I recently sent in a request for=20=
birth certificate. I asked how long it would take, and they told me
about 3 months.

Bob Lenk
Greeley, Colorado, US

Sam Schleman wrote:

Hello all;

I need to obtain the death record of someone >from the town of Vel'ka
Ida, which was in Hungary, but now is part of Slovakia, >from near
Kosice/Kassa. The record in question is >from the period 1896-99.

I have an address, but am wondering what is the protocol? It is
acceptable to write the letter requesting the record in English? Do =
include money now or will I be asked for money at some subsequent=20

And about how long a process is it to obtain such a record?

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Sam Schleman
Malvern, PA

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