Records in Bratislava Archives #hungary

M. Amsel-Arieli <nomietai@...>

Years ago, I learned that the internal passports
(identity cards, I guess) taken >from the Jews
just prior to the deportations are stored in the
Bratislava Archives--that is, dumped in carton
boxes, hundreds, thousands of them, in haphazard
order--uncatalogued. As I understand it, they
contain pictures--a genealogical and emotional
treasure. Can anyone add more information? Is
there any way to access these cards? Many
Holocaust survivors would give the last years of
their lives just to see pictures of their
families once again. What a mitzvah this would

Melody Amsel-Arieli
Maaleh Adumim, Israel

Slovakia: Amsel, Schonfeld, Baum, Landau,Einhorn,Ritter
Bessarabia: Zazulia, Morgenstern,Cushilevitz,Pollak
Galicia: Einstein

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