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In the "Nevek a Hajdu megyebol kiuzott zsidok nevei(Names of the deported
Jews >from Hajdu county, Hungary)" between oither communities there is a list
of the Jews of Hajduboszormeny. The list is based on the Jewish census
(Jaross List) which was prepared shortly after (April 1944) the German
invasion of Hungary. In the list of the bokk are quite a number of Klein
listed in alpfabetic order, so that family members are separated. The list
was prepared on 8. April signed by Czitrom Jozsef chiefrabbi and Rubinstein
Mihaly vicepresident of the community, it lists 225 families / 923 person.
Otto Klein a twin >from Hajduboszormeny is living in Geneva Switzerland, he
his twinbrother Ferenc and sister Agnes survived their Father Salamon (1891)
died in Austria, their mother Lily Klein nee Schwartz in Auschwitz.
according the testemony of Agnes.

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Gabor Hirsch

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A large part of my family were Kleins, who came >from Hajduboszormeny.
My great great grandfather was Kalman David Klein (1852-1931). His
grandfather, Kalman came >from Ujfeherto, and had a son Samuel, who had
Kalman David. Kalman David's wife was also a Klein, Hany Klein and they
had six kids: Samuel, Ignac, Ida, Ethel, Joseph and Hendrus. The Kleins
were also related to the Goldsteins. I would like to find out more about
the Jews in Hajdoboszormeny, and about the Kleins >from Hajudoboszormeny.
Any information would be great. Thank you.

Bruce Karpati

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