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Dear Friends,

Has anyone heard of divorce in Hungary around the turn of the century?
Here's my dilemma: Ernest Kardos, in a letter to my husband, referred to
his sister "Vilma." In the passenger manifest in 1903 Ernest says his
contact in Hungary is his mother, W. KARDOS, and he's coming to the home of
his brother-in-law, Jozesf Fodor. Vilma, or Wilma, comes to the US in
1915,married, with two children . She refers to her contact as her father,
Herman Kupferstein, and she is going to her husband, Jozsef.

In the 1930 census, I found Wilma with her husband, Joseph Fodor and two
children. Also included in the household is "Fannie Cooperstein,

Was Ernest's mother married twice?

Is it possible that W. Kupferstein (Cooperstein) was also married to
Kardos? Is Wilma Ernest's half-sister? I have ordered the civil registration
film at the Family History Center for Nyiregyhaza for part of 1906 and
1907, but ths will still not tell me about divorce.

Can anyone answer my question?

Thank you to all,

Pat (New Hampshire)

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