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In my "Magyar Utonevek (Hungarian givennames)" book >from Lado Janos neither
Rina nor Katrina or Katarina are mentioned, but Kata and Katalin where they
are both mentioned as the abreviation or modification of the German
Katharina, nickname was Kati.

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Gabor Hirsch

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George FARKAS asks about the use of the first name(s) "Katrina" and/ or
"Rina" for Hungarian Jewish women, as well as any Hebrew equivalents.

I believe that "Katie" was a very popular name for Jewish women in
Hungary, and "Katie" easily could be a nickname for "Katrina."

We had several women named "Katie" on the Hungarian side of my mother's

All of them bore the Hebrew/ Yiddish name of "Gittie" (or "Gittel") in

Interestingly, some of these women changed their first names >from
"Katie" to "Gisella," presumably to modernize, and also in what
presumably is an allusion to the Hebrew/ Yiddish name of "Gittie."

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