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tom klein <h-sig@...>

I guess anything is possible, but...

(others on the list have already covered the likely origin of SZARVADY >from a place name of szarvad.)

the other half of the question is the name TSARFATI: in hebrew it translates as "french" (which is probably at least part of georges' interest in it), and i believe it was used predominantly among sephardic jews to denote a person that came >from an ashkenazic background, since france ("tsarfat") and germany ("ashkenaz") were the roots of ashkenazic jewry. like so many other names, it would only have been applied where the majority were something other, so in this case, it is mainly found in sephardic communities. (but people did not stay in one place forever, so it can, and probably does, occur elsewhere.)

in light of the simpler toponymic explanation, i don't think it's very likely to be the origin, but anything is possible. (such as my KLEIN family changing their name to KOSZEGI or KUTI, for example, even though they didn't live anywhere near koszeg or kut.)

....... Tom Klein, Toronto

Georges [] wrote:

Hello Siggers,
One of my French friends asks whether SZARVADY is or might be a
magyarization of TSARFATI ?
What do you think ?

Georges GRANER (Paris, France)

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