Re: Female first name(s) of "Katrina"/"Rina" #hungary

George Farkas <gfarkas@...>

Thank you to all who answered.

In my mother's family which came >from Slovakia, most members were trilingual
speaking Hungarian and German as well as Slovak. In my father's family which
comes >from eastern Hungary and Transylvania, there was less German and no
Slovak, but a greater tendency to have a familiarity (if not fluency)
in yiddish.

There seems to be a rather low relationship between Jewish (Hebrew and Yiddish)
names and the non-Jewish (Slovak, Hungarian and German) names.

Today, when most of the family has emigrated >from that region, the
younger generation
is trying to name children after members of the family without become loyal
to the actual name. E.g., Gittel became Tova, Katarina became Rina, Mordecai
became Morris.

This is a conclusion based on selective family evidence and not on
real statistical basis.
I do not think that this conflicts with the answers I have received.
Any comments?


George Farkas
Montreal, Canada

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