Hungarian Jews in Theresienstadt #hungary

Henry Wellisch <henry.kelwel@...>

The recently published book on Austrian Jews who were deported to
Theresinstadt has a list of Jews >from Hungary who arrived there in the
last days of the war. They had originaly been deported to Austria.
1072 arrived in Theresienstadt on March 8, 1945 >from a labour camp in
Strasshof, near Vienna
77 arrived in Theresienstadt on April 15, 1945 >from Amstetten in Lower
Austria 70 miles west of Vienna.
Of these 1149 persons 13 died in Theresienstadt, 1134 survived and the
fate of two is not clear. These people came mostly >from the Ghettos of
Szolnok, Szeged, Baja and Debrecen.
Starting around April 15, 1945 about 15,000 Persons arrived in
Theresienstadt >from concentration camps, which had been evacuated by
the Germans. There may have been Hungarian Jews amongst therm, but it
is not clear if lists of these people exist.

Henry Wellisch

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