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Lynn Saul <lynnsaul@...>

Yes, the districts are shown with the roman numerals identifying them. On
modern maps, at least, each district is usually printed in a different
color, so they're easy to identify.
On street signs around the city, the district is also shown, usually with
both the roman numeral and the name of the district (as well as the name of
the street).
Lynn Saul
Tucson AZ
Satoraljaujhely, Porosko, Kolosvar, Cegled, Budapest

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Thank you both. This is really helpful information. Also, to the person
who suggested the various districts where Erzsebet Utca could be found --
are those districts commonly noted on street maps?

Laurie Budgar
Boulder, CO


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You can also find a searchable 1900 Budapest Directory on-line at:

Vivian Kahn, Oakland, CA

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This is a wonderful example of why so many immigrants ended up with
names. The best I can make out is that maybe it is Erzsebet utca.
There is
of course the famous Erzsebet Korut which is part of one of the
"Rings". Certainly there is at least one Erzsebet utca as well, but
regrettably all of my stuff is packed.

The best way for you to confirm the residence of your ancestors
would be to
consult the Budapest City Directory. By my recollection a copy of
the 1907
book exists in the Ervin Szabo library in Pest. It is easy to find
and you
can get entry fairly easily without having to speak Hungarian. You
may have
to get a day card, but it will be free. Just ask for the Budapest
room and
you will find the City Directories on the back wall.

Peter Bakos
Sarasota, Florida

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