Pisek and Strakonice #austria-czech

Roberta Sheps

My synagogue, in Colchester, England, has a Torah scroll that came from
either Pisek or Strakonice, (both in Bohemia). We want to commemorate the
Jews of Pisek and Strakonice who were killed in the Holocaust at our next
Holocaust Memorial Day service, in January. We are anxious to be able to
remember them individually by name and thereby restore the names of these
Jews to history. So we are interested in gathering as many individual names
as possible. If there are any members of the SIG who know that they had
family members living in either town at the outbreak of WWII I would be very
grateful to receive their names.

I have already searched the JewishGen Discussion Archive (found 2 possibly
relevant messages, which I have followed up) and looked at the SIG website,
which contains very little information about any individuals >from these

Many thanks,

Roberta Sheps
Colchester and District Jewish Community,
Colchester, UK

MODERATOR NOTE: Readers who wish to contribute names of relatives

from Pisek or Strakonice are asked to contact Roberta off-list.

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