Using census data in AHD #hungary

Israel P

I am trying to get a handle on my Trenscen County Rosenzweig and Zelinka
families. I received quite a bit of information two years ago >from
someone whose family had married into both of mine, but the picture I now
have is not comprehensive and is not supported by documentation beyond my
benefactor's emails.

I shall present my questions regarding one database search, hoping that
this will at least give me some direction.

I searched Rosenzweig (sounds like) and found thirty-eight records in
Other Census Records >from 1795. I shall relate here to the eighteen
records that go up to 1821.

I have positive identification of my third-great-grandfather Simon, who
is listed in 1821(married, three sons, two daughters), and his father
Salomon, who is listed in 1795 (wife, five sons, no daughters) and 1809
(wife, three sons and one daughter). Neither Salomon nor Simon has his
own entry in 1818. I also know that Salamon had a son Nathan-Joseph, who
may or may not be the Joseph(s) listed in 1809 and 1818.

There are two other entries in 1795 - Mojses and Isac. I suppose they
may be brothers of Salomon, but either could be an uncle or a nephew.

In 1809 there is a Mojses, a Marcus and a Marcus Jr.

In 1818 there are two listings for Moses and Marcus Sr and Jr.

In 1821 there are listings for Catharine (widow) and Moys, Marcus and

So how do I make sense of this? The "reference" column does not list LDS
films (at least not as such), but in any case, here in Israel we have no
access to LDS and they will not permit me to order films for the few days
I will have available while in the US for the Conference. (They say that
films can only be ordered at the same FHL where they will be used.)

And would the films themselves give me enough information to reconstruct
the family units?

And this is one of several databases for one of two surnames, so I need
to multiply these questions by six or eight or ten. I am not looking for
someone to do this for me but I am hoping that someone can tell me how to

Thank you.

Israel Pickholtz

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