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It may interest others to hear that the US Holocaust
Museum appears to have
microfilm of these records.

This is the website of the museum's on-line catalog:

If you search for Hrvatski drzavni arhiv u Zagrebu
as the author (it's
Croatian for the national archives of Zagreb), you
come up with 18 entries.

When I do this I get:

#8 a list of Jews deprived of life

#12 >from the ministry of nationalized property

#16 a list of Yugoslavian Jews victims in the

#1 Questionnaires for Jews (I am unclear whether
these are the completed
questionnaires or not.)

It is also possible to get the University website by
entering: ;then clicking on
Educational Resources, then
clicking on Curriculum , and finally on Rep of

Item 5 on this page is: Records microfilmed for
the United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D. C., USA

If one of us lives in D.C. it would be interesting
to hear more about what
these records are really like, and which ones are
really useful for

Hope this is helpful,


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Hi All,
I got several inquiries about the note I posted
(below) and thought it best
to answer all at once.

The Varazdin Property document that I received
from the Red Cross has
a "origin stamp" on it >from the HRVATSKI DRRAVNI
(HDA) , Zagreb. The
postal address is as follows:

Central State Archive:
Marulicev trg 21
10000 Zagreb

The U of M web site link I included was a long one
and was wrapped
around, so that some had trouble with it.. Here
is a short link;


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Subject: 1941 Jewish Property Declarations in
Croatia Available

In late 1999, I requested a Red Cross Tracing
Inquiry for my cousin
Hedviga GOLDSCHMIDT, a holocaust victim last known
living in Varazdin,
Croatia. In Dec 2000, I received a number of
records about her, as
collected by the

Croatian Red Cross. Included was a 7-page document
titled "Form I,

Personal Data and All Belongings". This Ustashe
document was required
to be completed by all Jews living in the
"Independent State of
Croatia (NDH, Nezavisna drzava Hrvatska)". The
copy that I received
came >from the "Croatian State Archives, Zagreb".

A good description ( in English) of this document
and many other
Croatian holocaust documents can be found on the
web site of the
Center for Holocaust and Genocide Studies,
University of Minnesota,
p__of_croatia.html> __of_croatia.html

As an aside, the 7-page Form-I document that I
have shows that the
Form-I has 13 numbered Sections, but un-numbered
Pages for Sections 3 thru

6 and 9 are not included. Perhaps they did not
apply to my cousin, a
62-year-old married woman.

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