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<<in the meantime, i would really appreciate it if someone would "connect the
dots" for me>>

The lady in question said that a private group has a data base with health information as well as dna. Note that some genealogists also track "family proclivity for certain diseases." As far as "Hungarian" or "Jewish" y DNA or mt DNA are concerned, there is none. The rootsweb Genealogy DNA list has the best scientific explanations for the average person. My y DNA matches for my Trencsen Jewish ancestor (12 out of 12 match indicating a common male ancestor within 600 years) originated in the Ukraine, Poland, Veszprem, Moldova, and Lithuania and all have a different surname and are all Ashkenazi. PS-these common dna tests have NO known disease predicting capability. Other more specialized tests would be required.

Sam Vass, Kent, WA, USA

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