Re: *Re: Dismoshowa ??, Hungary #hungary

tom klein <h-sig@...>

The first rule of using these online databases (such as ellis island or yad vashem) is: always, always, always look at the scanned image, if it's available.

in this case, it is line 22 of the manifest at:


with only a little bit of magnification, the place of birth is quite clearly written as "disznoshorvat" (which is in Borsod megye).

the trouble with d-m soundex is that it doesn't take into account hungarian spelling or pronunciation ("dish-mosh-hova"), and so it can be misleading. a variation, based on hungarian rather than Polish/russian/yiddish, would be very handy.

....... tom klein, toronto

Tom Venetianer <> wrote:

A Soundex analysis reveals that DISMOSHOWA and TEMESVAR are phonetically very similar. TIMOSOARA too.

Peter <> wrote:

If you say it quickly, it sound like Temesvar.

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