Re: Dismoshowa? was Disznoshorvat (now Izsofalva) #hungary


We send our thanks to everyone who replied to our inquery regarding the town
indicated on the Ellis Island Database as Dismoshowa. Even when we enlarged
the original manifest, it was not clear to us what the actual name of the
town might have been. We apparently do not have the experienced eye of some
of our JewishGen researchers to read the handwriting on these documents, but
we are learning.

It was our understanding that the town we were seeking was located near Pest
(1912). Now it appears the town was actually Diznoshorvat in Borsod, about
91 miles >from Pest, and is much closer to Miskolc. In the 1950's, this
town's name was changed to Iznofalva.

We appreciate the help >from all of the H-SIG members who took the time to
reply to our query. The mystery has been solved.

Best Wishes,
Norm and Jean Fuhrer
On Florida's Spacecoast

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