KOHN family of 19th Century Hungary #hungary


We have in our family, as "ephemera," a wedding invitation.

C. 1925, it was sent to Bertha HERSKOVITS BAYERN, the mother of my maternal
grandmother, here in New York City by relations in "Kosice." Kosice (a/k/a
"Kassa," "Kashau") now is in Slovakia but, then, it was part of Hungary.
Berta had been born in Kosice while her husband, my great-grandfather Moritz
BAYERN, was born in the nearby town of "Huncovce," a/k/a "Hunfalu," "Hunsdorf."
And HERSKOVITS has been spelled at least a half-dozen different ways,

The bride in the invitation was Judit KOHN and the groom was Martin HABER.
I do not know how our families were related, bride's side or groom's. Nor do
I know whether this couple survived the Nazis, though I suspect not.
Consistent with factual statistics, one cousin's recent research indicates that
only two or three members out of a family of more than 90 survived.

During the two decades surrounding the beginning of the 20th Century, many
of Berta's Hungarian relations relocated to the Cleveland, Ohio (USA) vicinity.

New York City USA

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