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I just joined the Belarus sig listserv, and found this message. Wow! I am
a Litwin >from Winnipeg. My grandmother and grandfather, Mendel and Leah,
were in fact both Litwins -- they were cousins. They gave >from the Gomel
area. My grandmother had two cousins in Winnipeg -- two female LITVIN
sisters. My grandfather came to Winnipeg around 1914; maybe he went there
because he already had these cousins -- your Litwins -- there. He brought
my grandfather and their four kids over in 1923/24. Only one of those kids
is now alive, and she's 86. I'll ask her if she remembers Odel Hasinoff.

from 1923 - 1926, another Litvin cousin lived in Winnipeg. That was Deena
Litvin, whose married name was WOLFSON. Deena's granddaughter is Diane
Newman, active in the JGen listserve. Deena and her family moved to
Philadelphia to join an uncle, Samuel LITWIN. My aunt told me her two
Litvin aunts left Winnipeg also. She thought one went to Montreal, and she
doesn't remember where the other one went. Where did Odel's family end up
after Winnipeg?

My grandfather Mendel's clan stayed in Winnipeg, until my generation.
Mendel and Leah had four children: Rachel (she died of heart problems from
rheumatic fever in her 20s), Bill (my dad), Anne (she's the only one still
alive), and Jack. Of these, I'm an only child, now living in the States;
Anne has one daughter, Miriam, still in Winnipeg; and Jack's son Ed lives
in Calgary. I have two children, now in Madison, Wisconsin for grad

I'd really love to see whatever information you have about the Litwin clan.
I'll be glad to share with you whatever I have.

Carol Litwin Lipson
Writing Program
Syracuse University
Syracuse, NY 13244-1160
(315) 443=1067

Dorothy Hasinoff Wrote:
My grandmother, Odel, came >from Rogachev, Mogilev and emigrated to Winnipeg
in 1912. Her married name was Chasanova (hence Hasinoff, my family name)
and her maiden name was LITWIN. She was the daughter of Chaim David or
David Chaim (not sure which). She met and married my grandfather, Samuel
and apparently moved to Chichersk where both my father and uncle were born.
My grandfather died in 1912 (of pneumonia). The family was in the fur
business. Other than that we do not have very much information about
her past. What do you know about Rogachev? How large a town was it? What
did people do there?
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