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Dear Yehuda,

Glad to hear of your success. If you find your Rae Weber is related
To the large Webber (original Sivivolos >from Lituania) family in St. John,
NB and Halifax, NS , Canada, let me know as I have been researching this
side of my mother's family.

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

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Michalovce, Hungary) circa 1900

Dear Friends,

I have not written to the group concerning our family
mystery for about 4 years. Now with the help of a
cousin who I found through this group, much of the the
mystery has been solved, and even more we are close to
tracking down.

I had written asking for anyone who know of
Schmulowitzes or Schwartzes >from Scranton, Pa, and
specifically asking about Josef Schwartz (my paternal
GGF), Mosie Schwartz, his son who had married his
cousin >from the family of New England Stationery of
Boston, and Rae Weber and Anton Schmulowitz who were
each distant cousins, the specifice relation
undetermined. I also mentioned that Rae Weber, who
passed away just a couple of years ago, had mentioned
to my sister that there had been 3 Schmulowitz
brothers, all in the grocery business in Scranton, and
that because they were worried about the impression of
a family monopoly, my grandfather had changed his name
to Schwartz.

I heard back >from Douglas Cohen, of LEXINGTON, Mass,
and to make a long story shorter, we together
determined that Josef Schwartz was actually Josef
Schmulowitz, and that he had taken his wife Resi's
maiden name. Furthermore, Resi was one of four
children of Isaac and Toba Schwartz, along with Sarah
Schwartz Friedman, (the wife of Sol Friedman of New
England Stationery) Edward Elias Schwartz, and Samuel
Schwartz (Doug's GGF). Toba Schwartz was the daughter
of Shmuel and Rochel Schmulowitz! So indeed, Mosie
Schwartz did marry his cousin Eva, the daughter of
Sarah Schwartz Friedman. I was also able to travel
to Har Hazeisim in JERUSALEM, and found Josef
Schwartz's matzeva. He was Yosef ben Baruch.

Just this week I revisited the SCRANTON 1900 census
and in summary, we now know the follow:

1. The patriarch of the Schmulowitz family, who I
suspect never came over >from Europe and who I know for
sure was Joe Schartz's father was Baruch Schmulowitz.
Doug and I suspect that he may have also been the
brother of Toba Schmulowitz (who married Isaac
Schwartz and who was the mother of Resi (Joe Schwartz
Schmulowitzes wife), Edward Elias Schwartz, Sarah
Schwartz, and Samuel Schwartz.

2. Toba Schmulowitz Schwartz's (and Baruch
Schmulowitz's?) parents were Schmuel and Rachel

3. There were at least 4 Schmulowitz siblings: 1.
Josef Schwartz, who took his wife's (and maybe his
aunt Toba's) maiden name Schmulowitz, 2. Raizy who
married Max Weber and who was the mother of Rae Weber,
and two Schmulowitz brothers who lived next door to
Josef Schartz in 1900: 3.Toni, and 4. Harry.

To confirm this theory,still need to have someone
check out the matzevas of Raizy Weber, Toni
Schmulowitz and Harry Schmulowitz, to check dates and
more important, to see if their father's name was
Baruch. That would ascertain 99% this theory.

All that would be left to verify would be other
possible siblings and the Europe connection.

Back in 2002 when I last wrote, I had heard back about
some Scranton and Wilkes Barre Schmulowitzes and
Schwartzes. Now that I have so much more info, I
would really appreciate hearing >from anyone able to
add more pieces to the puzzle.


Yehuda Frischman, L.Ac., CST, SER, TJM

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