Censii and Vital records integrity #hungary

alex p miller <alex.miller@...>

Hello Friends,

Here is a mini comparison to discourage anyone >from putting too much
stock into the 19th Century records.

I compared a few items in the vital records vs the census of 1869 in
Cigand, Zemplen CO. Here are some troubling differences I found: A "/"
separates the discrepant entries)

Guttman Simon/Sam, age 24/21, born in Cigand/Keresztur
Wife is Gluck Perl/Peppisz
Schwartz Jozsef/Yehuda
Elefant Emanuel married to Eszter Adler/Guttman/ Klein--same children
Weisz Bernat born in Cigand/Ladmoc
He is married to Rezsi/Rozina gluck/Sloszer >from Cigand/Poruba
Krausz Kati/Zsani is married to Joszef/Jehuda Schwartz

It is easy to get hung up on some discrepancy like these and misdirect
your research!

Best Regards,

Alex Miller, Chester CO. PA

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