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tom klein <h-sig@...>

i don't really want to appear to be a hopeless pedant, but here goes anyhow...

ba'tya = his (older) brother
o:ccse = his (younger) brother
nagyba'tya = his uncle
neje = his woman (wife)
unokatestve're = his cousin
la'nye'k anyo'sa = their daughter's mother-in -law
la'nye'k feljouk = their daughter's ???
also (elso:) felese'ge = lower (first) wife [:-)]
la'nye'k so'gora = their daughter's brother-in-law [not son-in-law]
unoka = grandchild
unokao:ccse = his nephew (or cousin)
so'gorno:je = sister-in-law

i have corrected the spelling where i could, and added the accents (hopefully, correctly), because they often change the meaning of words quite drastically (and there's at least one in even this list where it matters). it at least indicates (to hungarian speakers), which word i thought it was.

while i would agree with our esteemed moderator that online translation can be useful, it can be difficult with a language that you don't understand, and this list is a good example. for instance, the connection between the noun no: (woman), which will doubtless be listed, and the possessive form neje, which will probably not be shown, is only obvious to someone who speaks hungarian reasonably well. likewise, even simple spelling mistakes (feleseje instead of felese'ge) will result in non-existent words.

,,,,,,, tom klein, toronto

ps. for words that are hard to read, the best way is to post a scan of the page or of part of it, to viewmate. that way others can help you figure it out.

Suzanne Kemeny <suzucchini@yahoo.com> wrote:

Could anyone tell me what the following Hungarian
words mean? (they are in family documents, and I
believe have to do with the relationships between the
individuals) I may have misspelled them, since the
handwriting is not always easy to read and I had to
leave out the accent marks. I hope you can make sense
of this and appreciate any help you can give.

lanyak anyosa
lanyak feljouk? (can't read it)
also feleseje
lanyuk sogor
Thanks so much for all of your help. I really
appreciate it.


Suzanne Kemeny Riddle
United States

Moderator: Check the H-SIG archives for info about on-line translation aids such as http://consulting.medios.fi/dictionary/

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