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Katz, Itzik <Itzik.Katz@...>

Thank you Tom for the notice.
Can someone, please, explain to the non Hungarian speaking among us how
to use this website?
Thank you,

Isaac Katz

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there was a small error in the web address that you provided - at least
at my end, it was split over two lines, which resulted in an extraneous
space between .hu/ and tarstort/ (which of course caused a "file not
found" error message). for anybody who didn't figure this out already,
here is the linked to address, all on line:


....... tom klein, toronto

Rebecca Fenning <rutabegatree@...> wrote:

Yesterday I happened to check Janos Bogardi's Radix Log=20
<> and was greeted by a posting of his >from just
couple days ago, announcing the release of a new database >from the=20
Budapest Municipal Archives (Budapest Fovaros Leveltara). As Janos=20
described, the database (located at <

"...contains metadata about the documents in the holdings of the=20
archives, covering the following subject areas:

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