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vilmos is the hungarian version of william (in this case the idea of "equivalent" names is quite correct), and likewise of wilhelm, guillaume, and liam. the only reason for linking wilhelm to binyamin/zeev/wolf (see jewishgen archives for why these three names are linked) was originally the similarity of sound , in german, and later on probably just because it was "inherited" that way, because there is no other logical connection to associate them.

in fact, probably the most famous binyamin zeev is a great example of how hungarian jews named their children: theodor herzl. (maybe his parents didn't like yedidiah or velvel?)

i also think that the idea that jewish parents consulted a book of gittin when naming a baby is silly. the names had to have come first, and the books later sought to codify the naming patterns that were already in use. with the popularity of completely non-jewish names (like janos and pisti or geza) following the emancipation, the books of gittin gained importance. (rabbis didn't need a book to remind them that yankel was a diminutive of jacob.)

the point is not whether one individual vilmos had a jewish name of zeev or binyamin, but rather that, given a secular name like vilmos (or arpad or zoltan, or theodor), it is impossible to make any conclusions about their jewish name (without further evidence).

....... klein tamas, toronto

From: "Judy and Gary Floam" <> wrote:

Just a further thought on this question: does the name "vilmos" have a
meaning in Hungarian? And does it have anything to do with wolves?
"Ze'ev" means wolf in Hebrew and the Yiddish-German-English counterparts to
that Hebrew name were often Wolf or William (including my father and one of
my mother's brothers).

Judy Floam
Baltimore, Md.

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