Carl Esmond, actor, died - SIMON family again #austria-czech

Wolf-Erich Eckstein <w.eckstein@...>

A descendant list of this SIMON family is available at

There were more artists in this family beside the connection to Johann
Strauss, the "King of Waltz":

Fred S. TYSH (Salomon TISCH) - he wrote the song "Sag beim Abschied leise
Servus", and in London exile many songs for Richard TAUBER, see also ;

Ignaz ECKSTEIN was journalist and writer; in french exile he got help by
American Guild for German Cultural Freedom; his brother Julius, my
grandfather, was an early founder of cinema theater in Vienna (1908-14
Graben-Kino, Wien, Graben No 17);

Malva SCHALEK, painter in Vienna, who left about 140 paintings >from Ghetto
Theresienstadt, see also ;
her cousin was Alice SCHALEK, journalist and writer;

Peter STADLEN, a concert pianist, chief music critic of the Daily Telegraph;

Maria PETEANI, writer, see also .

Wolf-Erich Eckstein

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