Identifying towns #hungary

Patricia Weisshaus <patjw28@...>

Dear Group,

We have just received pictures of five sisters of my husband's
grandfather. Their maiden names were Furst.

Two of the villages, towns, whatever, show the photographer located
in Kassa and Karpina, as far as we can tell. I have tried to check
jewishgen but could not locate either town.

Although the family was originally >from Kalocsa, we have been told
that these women were actresses with traveling companies. We do not
know the married names, if any, for the women.

Can anyone help with the locations of these two towns?

Thank you.

Pat Weisshaus

Moderator: You're more likely to get a useful response if you include a more descriptive subject line and indicate the approximate year or years that you are searching. Kassa is the Hungarian name for Kosice, Slovakia. Present name of "Karpina" is harder to determine but someone might be able to decipher if you scan the source where this place is listed.

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