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Diane Jacobs <thegenie@...>

Dear Sam,

How did you contact them by address? or by e-mail?

Diane Jacobs
Somerset, NJ

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I contacted the archive in April of this year and received a reply >from =
Baros very quickly. It took another 2+ months and two more emails to
finally get my g uncle's birth records. The simple, uncertified =
was free. There is a charge if you want a certified copy and there are
disclosure rules that apply that were made clear in Ms. Baros' first =
I would suggest patience.

Sam Lorber
Nashville, TN

researching: LORBER Zborov, Hajd=FAn=E1n=E1s, Nyiregyhaza

Can someone please advise the best way to obtain documents >from the =
City Archives? There are about 15 documents that I would like to obtain, =
emailing the archivist in English for the process and cost hasn't been =
successful. I did make contact the first day or so that the archives =
online and asked for the process. The archivist replied in English =
which documents I was interested in. I replied immediately, and did so =
a few days later, but never received an answer. I assume that they are
simply overwhelmed.

Thank you for whatever guidance you can offer.

Jerry Zeisler
Leesburg, Virginia USA

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