MOLDOVAN Family #hungary


Shalom to all veshavua tov

I found an information about an ship passenger >from hamburg to america (
Pennsylvania) in mars1909. His name was Elisic(e) MODOVAN. (45 y.o. ). And
His etnicity was Hungary,- Romanian . The record says that his origyn town
Was Gychanhzas but it seems this place don't exist. Does somebody have any
Idea about it or any relation with this family? In America or Hungary or
Romania. I think I just discover why the gran-grandfather of my mum haven't
The tomb here in Romania ... He emigrate in America ... I think this
Elisic(e) Modovan is our relative..
My main interest was to highlight the lost history of
My mum family throughout the generations . Unfortunately I could not find
Continuity ....maybe because of the both origin sources? Hungarian and
Romanian? Or because some of them left for America and disapear there?...
If somebody know about this story and this family please let us know about
Anything,.. You can write me in private at. ionidia@...

Kind Regards,
Claudia Ionita - Bucharest Romania

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