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Gabriela Svatos

Just a small clarification....the Czech lands did not border with Hungary,
so it was probably the Slovaks who conficscated your mother's wedding ring.
Also, after the war, Czechoslovakia supplied Israel with quite a bit of
military arms and equipment. My cousin Eva Grunwald >from Zilina (who
survived Auschwitz) left Czechoslovakia with a shipment of tanks and settled
in Israel. There were many Czechoslovak jews who also left with these


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This subject is a very interesting one. An organization called in Hebrew
Ha'Bricha (the escape) operated in Hungary and smuggled many people out
of the country.

My late parents were among those who were smuggled out of Hungary in
1948 via Czechoslovakia. Before they crossed the border, the people who
accompanied them asked that they would give them al the money and
valuables that they had since if caught by the Czechs on the other side
their faith might be very bad. So they did as did all the other members
of the group. My mother had only kept her wedding ring in a match box
because she couldn't give it away.

After crossing the border they were searched by the Czechs and the
wedding ring was found and confiscated.

from Czechoslovakia they were moved to Vienna, Austria were various
organizations were supporting the refugees. Many Jewish people who
arrived there immigrated to the USA and others, like my parents,
immigrated to Israel. To get to Israel, my parents were moved to Bari,
Italy where they waited for a ship to take them. Eventually they got on
a ship called Gallila and arrived in Haifa on May 1949.

Isaac Katz

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My father, Laszlo (Laci) Gunczler z"l, was responsible for smuggling
groups of Jews out of Hungary until his arrest in 1949. I'm trying to
a clearer idea of how the remaining family network operated at the time,
so it would be helpful to hear about anyone who left the country that
through Satoraljaujhely into Czechoslovakia.
Many thanks--
Sam Guncler


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