Researching LEIMDOERFER #hungary

Oliver Bryk <oliverbryk@...>

I am new to this SIG. I am looking for information regarding the ancestry
and place of birth of ALADAR LEIMDOERFER (also spelled LEIMDOERFFER) with O
Umlaut, and for information regarding his family. Aladar was born about
1880; he died in 1936 in Susine-Durdenovac, Slavonia, Croatia. In the 18th
and 19th century the Kingdom of Slavonia was a province of the Habsburg
Monarchy. Aladar was the Generaldirektor of the "Nasitzer Dampfsaege und
Tanninfabriken" with head office in Nasice and branch offices in Austria and
Hungary; he was also mayor of Susine. He was married to my ggf's sister,
Ella Bryk, born 1888 in Vienna. They had three sons: Hans b. 1913, Gustav b.
1916, and Franz b. 1921. Gustav and Franz perished in the Ustashe's infamous
Jadovno Camp (; the Jadovno records list their father Aladar
as Vladimir. Ella and Hans were hidden and saved by Dr. Boris Roic', a
Righteous Gentile. They died in Zagreb after the war.

I will be grateful for leads or suggestions. I can read German but not
Hungarian or Croatian.

Oliver Bryk, San Francisco, California

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