new Hungarian Jewish database on the Internet #hungary

Andras Koltai <kolamcg@...>

Dear All,

After long preparations, my database with some 10,000
Hungarian Jewish names is online now. It contains the
list of the people buried in the Jewish cemetery in
Szeged, names >from different publications >from the
late 19th century, etc. When available, we have also
entered family relationship into the database. While
you can search the data entered, information on the
source of the material is only available for a
small fee. Please check the website for further

I have also uploaded a long list of publications onto
the website. Please feel free to check them out to see
what material is available in Hungarian libraries
which would help genealogists in their research.

The url is - the database is on the
Names site, the list of publication can be found under

Please contact me off list for further details.

Kind regards,

Andras Koltai
Budapest, Hungary

Moderator: This is a one-time mention of a commercial website that may be of interest to H-SIG subscribers. Please contact Andras off-list for further info.

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