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Dear Danielle:
now I have found among the postings of H-SIG your request dated January, 24,

I donĀ“t know if you have got >from somebody a satisfactory explanation, may
be I am too late.
To keep you informed I have the pleasure to let you know as follows:

the records of late Cadca Jewis Community are kept in BYTCA State Archive:

births 1840 - 1932
marriages 1852 - 1897, 1920 - 1942
deaths 1851 - 1897, 1920 - 1947
With best regards
Tomi LANG, NOVE ZAMKY - Slovakia

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My grandparents Oskar Prager and Melanie (nee Brooner) were married in
Cadca, Slovakia, on 21 September,1913 - does anyone know where I could
obtain their marriage records.

Also, my gt-grandmother Malvine Prager (nee ?) was born 5 December, 1854
in Jaska, Croatia. What would your advice be to
trace this record. And would it be possible to find out if she had any
other children other than Oskar Prager.

Thank you for any assistance or advice your can give.

Danielle (James)

Moderator: It's difficult to recommend resources to check if you don't
tell us where you are located or what sources you have already consulted.

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