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Stephen Schmideg <stephen@...>

I need assistance with the translation of a German inscription in a
prayer book. See File - VM8284

Besides the German text the book also contains 3 Hungarian
inscriptions mentioning the birth of two boys Joska (1902) and Feri
(1904) and the death of the mother (1905) in Veszprem. No surnames are
given and only the German inscription gives the name Gizella, which I
assume was the mother's name. My grandfather's second wife was named
Gizella and she had two sons Ferencz and Jozsef who died in the
Holocaust. However, I couldn't be 100% sure that prayer book belonged
to my grandfather, as my father had recorded totally different dates and
places of birth and death in the family tree. I thought, why would my
father record different information if he knew about the book, unless
the prayer book belonged to another family with the same names.

With the discovery of the Oroklet website I'm closer to solving the
mystery. On this site I discovered that a Gizella Schmideg had died in
1905 in Veszprem. The same date and place as in the book. Therefore
it's probably safe to assume that they both refer to the same Gizella
and I'm hoping the inscription provides some further clues.

Stephen Schmideg
Melbourne, Australia

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