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Laurie Budgar <lbudgar@...>

During my recent trip to Hungary and Romania, we visited the tiny towns
of Asuajul de Jos and Asuajul de Sus (now Romania), where my great-great
grandfather Jonasz JAKAB and one of his sons (Ferenc) was born. We found
an equally tiny cemetery between the two towns-- there were maybe 6 or 8
graves. While the grass around them had been cut, the stones were tilted
at odd angles and trash had been tossed next to one of them. The writing
on them was badly eroded, so we couldn't really capture it on
photographs (though we took some anyway). Instead we did tombstone
rubbings. I admit we didn't prepare for this, so we used, alternately, a
pencil and a burnt stick. On one, my mother, who was trying to be
helpful, thought a highlighter might help-- clearly this was not good
for the rubbing or the gravestone! Also, the paper we had was slightly
larger than 8.5 x 11, so it was slightly too narrow and a few letters
got cut off on the sides, and we needed to use 4 consecutive sheets in
order to get the writing all the way down the tombstone. In any case,
the writing was in Hebrew (or perhaps Yiddish?). I've posted these
rubbings on ViewMate. Unfortunately, ViewMate requires everything to be
submitted as a JPG, and for some reason, these scanned MUCH better as a
document into a PDF file. So between the rubbing errors and the
scanning, there's a degradation of quality. With that said, if anyone is
able to translate them I'd greatly appreciate it. They are #s 8923,
8924, 8925 and 8926. Or, if anyone would like me to send PDF versions to
them off-list, I can do that too. Thanks in advance for any help you can

Laurie Budgar
Boulder, CO

JAKAB/JACOBS (Satu Mare, Asuajul, Pomi, Borlesti, Somcuta Mare)
GOLDBERGER (Cziganyi/Crisenyi, Budapest)

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