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Hungarian uses some unique accents that are not included in the standard (ascii) computer character set, or on the standard (american english) keyboard. specifically, the double acute which occurs over o and u is a bit of a problem to represent properly. where it is unavailable, it has become customary to represent them with a tilde over the o and circumflex over u, instead of the proper double acute. (even though it's the same accent, it is represented differently, probably because that's what was available at the time.) a slight additional complication is that (parisian) french omits accents on capital letters (so some character sets may omit them), whereas they are required in hungarian.

in any event, h-sig (and jewishgen) rules only allow posting messages in plain, unaccented english, so it is usual to either omit accents (which can make it more difficult to read hungarian words), or to represent the accent as a separate character after the vowel, in your case LO"WY. (although it looks goofy, especially for umlauts which are represented by a colon, it conveys the correct spelling information, and displays properly on all computers.)

one thing to watch out for when recording names with accents, is that you might cause yourself problems later on; because accented letters are represented by different numeric codes than their unaccented kin, LOWY and LO"WY are not the same name, and a search for one may not turn up the other, depending on the sophistication, and preference settings, of your software. also, you might get surprises in the way names get sorted.

....... tom klein, toronto

From: "B. Frederics" <>
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 15:28:44 -0700
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I found that an ancestor's records indicate his name was spelled LOWY
with a
right-slanted quotation mark over the O. I can't seem to find that
diactritical mark or letter on my Hungarian keyboard. Is it the same as
"tilda", the wavy horizontal "s" used in Spanish? If not, can someone
tell me where it is on the keyboard?

Thank you.

Bonnie Frederics
Tucson, AZ
DiosGyor, Kazincz, Ga'cs, Marmarross, Budapest, Szolnok; Szentes; =
Tarnamera, Ujfalu; Vacs)

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