GOLDEN, a jockey, & LINDAUER of Deming, New Mexico, USA #hungary


I recently visited New Mexico and, in the airport bookstore in Albuquerque,
I located a biography of a woman who is said to have been one of the more
famous gamblers of the American West.

I found the concept fascinating, a woman who chose a career unknown to women
in an era when women were not welcome in the work force and, to do so, moved
to a place where decent women rarely dared to go. Thus, I bought this
biography, LOTTIE DENO: GAMBLING QUEEN OF HEARTS by Cynthia ROSE, published Clear
Light Publishers of Santa Fe, New Mexico. (I have no connection with either
this author or this publisher.)

Of course, I never anticipated that there would be a Jewish connection to
Lottie's story, but a Jewish connection usually seems to find me.

Lottie (born Carlotta THOMPKINS) was the daughter of a rich planter in
antebellum Kentucky; her father also bred and raced horses.

His jockey was one Johnny GOLDEN, who was Jewish. According to the author,
Golden is thought to have come >from either Boston (Massachusetts) or the
State of Georgia.

Lottie's father died in the Civil War and his family was left destitute.
Lottie had fallen in love with Golden and, together, they moved west. The
author speculates that Lottie's surviving family may have disowned Lottie for her
plan to marry a Jew. Additionally, the author speculates that Lottie's
father may have been a Sephardic Jew himself, but she presents no solid proof of
this theory.

Lottie never married Golden, and she and the man she would marry eventually
helped form the town of Deming, New Mexico.

In Deming, one of Lottie's closest friends was *Helen* LINDAUER, the female
head of the town's Jewish family. This is the reason that I am posting this
submission. ROSE has included some wonderful photographs here, including two
of this same family. The given names of the LINDAUER family of Deming, New
Mexico, as provided in this biography, are *Bertha,* "Sigmund,* *Herman,*
*Sam,* *Lillian* and *Helen,* and the author includes some interview excerpts as

So, if anyone is looking for a family named LINDAUER, here's an unexpected
place to search.

I am posting this letter to the Hungarian and Austrian-Czech SIGs, based on
the combined first and last names of this family. If there is a German SIG,
it probably should post there, too.

New York City

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