Re: Belarus Sessions at NY Seminar #belarus

Gayle Schlissel Riley <key2pst@...>

Let us see if we could get Oleg to speak or Sergi who works at the Minsk


David M. Fox wrote:
Does anyone have any suggestions for topics of interest to researchers
with family ties to Belaurs? Please share these with the group and we
can pass them on to Hadassah.
Moderator's Note: When a speaker >from overseas is asked to present at a
Seminar, their expenses are paid for my either the JGS hosting the seminar
or by a SIG, or a shared arrangement. At the Seminar in LA, I believe
there was a cost share between the host JGS and the SIG (ROM and Litvak).
The SIGS allowed for private consultations with the invited guest and
charged a fee that I believe went to the SIG to recoup the expense of
bringing the speaker to the Seminar.

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