Melykut - closest synagogue? #hungary

Joseph Lonstein


My great-grandfather, Isidore KLEIN (1868-1929), was born in Melykut,
Bacs-Bodrog megye to Josef KLEIN and Lena EISLER. I'm again trying to find
more information on Melykut and its Jewish community, to determine if there
were possibly other siblings in this family that I don't yet know about.
Unfortunately, there is not much to be found on the web about Melykut. Can
anyone with access to the Dvorszak 1877 Gazetteer please tell me where this
presumably small Jewish community worshipped, and where its records might
have been held, if not in Melykut? The last time I went to use the online
Gazetteer, it was no longer accessible.

Thanks for all of your help,

Joe Lonstein
East Lansing, MI

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