Holocaust era insurance policies #hungary

Tomer Brunner

some years ago the "Generali Fund" was established, in order to compensate
heirs of people who were insured by "Generali" company and perished in the

People who think that their relatives had insurance policy, issued by
can contact the fund *** directly *** (without the help of lawyers, etc..)
and *** with with no cost at all ***.

"Generali Fund" do not publish a list of policy holders, but there is a site
which allows searching for policy holders of "Generali" and other companies.
The site is at www.pheip.org/search.asp

* I suggest that you enter only the surname and go through the all list of
* Enter different spellings of your surnames.

If a person had insurance at "Generali" - it would *probably* be indicated
on this site.
(it seems that other companies are not specified, eventhough the names of
insured people are found on the site).

If you find a relative with "Generali" insurance policy (or if not and you
just want
to be sure...) I strongly suggest that you contact "Generali Fund" office
and ask for claim forms.
I know only the address of the office in Jerusalem:

1 Shazar st.
P.O.B 36311
Jerusalem 91360

(if you are not located in Israel you might want to search for a local
office, if exists...)

If indeed they find a policy of your relatives then, besides the possible
payment that
the heirs might get, you can also get some genealogical details like:
Date and place of birth and occupation of the policy holder and name of

As far as I know, the last date for submitting claims is January 2007, so
now is the time to do it!

Good luck!

Tomer Brunner, Israel

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