Re: Tombsone question #hungary

Daniel Teichman

I have two tombstones, a husband and wife who died in the early 20th
in Esztergom. What surprised me is that the Hebrew names are Chaim son of
Raisal, and Beila daughter of Hannah. No mention of the father's names,
the mother's names.

Usually the father's names, and not the mother's names, are on the
tombstones. Is there something that I am missing? I know who the parents
both persons were.
I am very interested in this question too. I have seen the same thing on a
tombstone in Zurich (Switzerland) as well (it is for an unmarried woman) and
it is the only tombstone I have ever seen which does not mention the name of
the father, although the name was known. And I have seen a lot of tombstones
already and I also asked knowledgeable people and nobody had ever seen a
similar case.
Several people suggested that they had heard about such cases when the
father was either not known or not jewish (which is both not the case in my
Another thought was that when praying for sick people it is a custom to use
their name in combination with the name of the mother and that maybe this
person had been sick a long time and thus was known rather by "xy ben/bat
name of the mother" and that's why they would put the name like that on the
tombstone as well.
I am interested to know whether someone can confirm any of these theories or
add further ones.

Daniel Teichman
Zurich, Switzerland

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