Re: Farkasne and Farkas as given names #hungary

tom klein <h-sig@...>

"Turk Farkasne" literally translates to "mrs. farkas turk" in english. (note that in normal hungarian usage, the surname is given first, as if it were an adjective.) i am more familiar with seeing "farkas" as a surname.

"farkasne" would no more be used as a given name than would its equivalent "mrs. farkas" (or "mrs. charlie", etc.).

....... tom klein, toronto

ps. "turk" seems like an unusual surname, as opposed to the more common version, "torok". (according to the 1891 trade directory at, there were 50 TURKs versus 423 TOROKs listed.)

From: Marian Brown <> wrote:

Is it possible that Farkasne Turk is a way of stating that this female
is the wife of Farkas Turk? Or would Farkasne be a given name in its
own right?

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