Passenger Lists - Persist! #hungary

Marian Brown

With free access to passsenger lists on Ancestry this month, I have
spent many hours searching the manifests, page by page, name by name,
and I want to share my experiences.

Looking for my great-grandparents, Rosa and Adolph Lissauer, and their
children who immigrated in 1887, I finally found them as Rosa and Adr
Cirzomer. The "L" in Lissauer was written as a lower case letter and
was magically transformed into a "C" --- The names and ages of the
children were also wierd but somewhat recognizable.

Then, I decided to look for my other great-grandmother, whose manifest I
possess. Her name was Marie Huebschman and Ancestry listed her as Marie
Rubschmann. The children were noted as Tom, a female, written Toni;
Rees, written Resi, and another Marie, very clearly written as Minna.

SO -- even though the index to these records has many, many
inaccuracies, don't give up. When I began, all I really knew was
approximate years of immigration.

Marian Brown
Cincinnati, OH

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