Re: Searching YASHINEFSKY, ZALMANOV from Rogachev #belarus

Peter B. Golden <pgolden@...>

I think that I may be able to provide a possible link for the
Zalmanov/Zelmanov line in Rogachov. The Sosins of Rogachov (my paternal
grandmother's family) were related to or very close friends (often little
distinction was made) with the Zelmanovs of that same town. The Zelmanovs
after coming to the US settled in the San Francisco-Oakland region. One of
their daughters, Ethel Zelman (who would be in her mid- to late 80's now)
was a good friend of my father and visited us whenever she came to NY. She
was married to Maurie (Morrie ?) Bunow and they had a son Barry (who would
be in his mid to late 50's now). Unfortunately, I have not had contact with
them in over 30 years and cannot provide addresses.


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