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Martin Fischer


This is my first posting to the Belarus SIG.
According to a couple old family trees >from my wife's family, her
LEVIN ancestors came >from a place called either Palopokow, Malow,
Russia, or Palupska, Mvolov, Russia. I have tried several atlas sources,
both printed and on-line, but have been unable to find anything like
these names. Does anyone know what they are now called and where are
they located?
(I suspect the place may be in the Mogilev gubernia because some
deceased members of the family are buried in a part of the Waldheim
Cemetery in Forest Park, IL., that is identified as a Mogilov
landsmanshaften cemetery.}
Another part of my wife's family, named SERLIN, TSERLIN or ZAIRLIN,
according to an old family tree, came >from Rossna (formerly Petree),
Mogolov. The ShtetlSeeker on the JewishGen site lists Rasna (Ryasno),
Rossono (Rossony) and Rozhno, all three at different distances and
directions >from Minsk. Does anyone know which of these three locations
was formerly known as Petree?
Thanks for your help.

Martin Fischer
Oak Park, IL.

In Mogilev: Bessie, Yaakov and Samuel SERLIN, TSERLIN or ZAIRLIN.
In Belarus: Jacob Samuel LEVIN, Menachem Mendel LEVIN, Yaakov LEVIN.
In Minsk and Kiev: Leib LEVIK, Jana (Chana) OSTROWSKA, Abraham LEVIK and
Rebekah LEVIK and Isaac LEVIN (changed name >from LEVIK).
In Pinsk: Avraham Moshe KAGAN and Rabbi Eliezar KAGAN.
In Motol: Shraga Feivel STEINBERG, Sarah Feigel STEINBERG, Osher
STEINBERG and a Steinberg brother who changed his last name to
In Pinsk and Minsk: Moshe KOLODNY.

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