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Sandor Bacskai <bacskaisanyi@...>

Dear Ken Berger,

The Tiszaujlak/Vylok Jewish records is not kept in Ungvar/Uzhorod. I
guess the Tiszaujlak Jewish community was not recording own records
in the 19th century, because there was not rabbinical center there at
that time.
As like Jordan Auslander, the births may had registered into records
of Nagyszolos (Vinogradov, Selish) Community.
The following years of Nagyszolos records are kept in Ungvar:
births: 1873-1895, marr: 1882-1895, deaths: 1882-1895.


Sandor Bacskai
Budapest, Hungary

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Subject: Tisza Ujlok vital records
From: Kbergernyc@...
Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2007 21:45:21 EST
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My grandfather Max (Menachem) Berger was born in 1878 in Tisza Ujlok,
Hungary, the town which is now Vylok Ukraine. Does anyone know where
marriage and death records can be obtained for Tisza Ujlok that
cover the years
Ken Berger
New York City

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